Xanax Online Pharmacy Reviews

Online pharmacy is the first thing when you want to buy Xanax on the Internet. According to the U.S. law, Xanax is listed as Schedule IV Drug and can be purchased online only in the U.S. pharmacies licensed by DEA.

There are 46 U.S. online pharmacies licensed by DEA (full list can be found here: http://www.nabp.net/programs/accreditation/vipps/find-a-vipps-online-pharmacy) and only 2 of them sell Xanax. These companies are Familymeds from Ohio and Healthwarehouse from Cincinnati. Both pharmacies have similar prescription requirements except for some details. For example HealthWarehouse sells Xanax with following prescription rules:

It is desirable for the customer to send his or her doctor’s original prescription to the pharmacy’s physical address via regular mail. The prescription must not be faxed or emailed. If you don’t want to do this yourself you can ask your physician to contact the pharmacy on your behalf.You will only have to provide your social security number and driver’s license number in order to verify your identity. Finally, your signature is required upon package delivery.

Despite of prescription complexity, buying Xanax through U.S. licensed online pharmacies has some important advantages. Firstly, you can’t beat the price. You’llpay $20 for 30 pill of Alprazolam including shipping. Xanax lowest prices are offered through the Internet. Secondly, thisislegal.You don’t have to worry about being arrested or your pills being confiscated. Thirdly, fast delivery is offered. You can pay extra $40 and get your package the next business day via air mail. Finally, the pills are of high quality. There are many complaints about counterfeit Xanax purchased online from foreign companies. U.S. licensed pharmacies guarantee that you will get high quality medicine from American manufacturers.

Indian Online Doctor Prescribe Xanax

Some of Indian online pharmacies with online doctor can prescribe Xanax after you fill medical questionnaire form:

• Gender? • Weight and Height?

• Current medical conditions?

• Medications you are currently taking?

• Medications you plan to take while on this program?

• Allergies?

Then doctor looks at your condition and either approve or decline your request. If approved, doctor writes prescription, then pharmacy delivery confidential packed Xanax to your home during 5-7 days. Indian come from local licensed pharmaceutical manufactures, so you can be sure that you will receive the same quality generics Alprazolam as your local U.S. drugstore’s brand. It mostly works this way.

Buying Xanax Without Prescription

There is special category of foreign online pharmacies where you can buy Xanax without prescription and without special procedures. GenericTab.com is overseas online pharmacy from “Kashmir Pharmacepticals Inc” factories which are bordered by Afghanistan to the north, China to the east, the south of India and Pakistan to the west. In this region are many pharmaceutical plants, and local laws are not as strict in the U.S.

They take orders and deliver for everyone in the United States for 10-17 business days.

After order, you have to wait and hope that your Xanax will go through US customs and arrive within a few days. It mostly works this way.